This is how's first debate theater night went (with video)

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2024. January 22. organized its first discussion theater evening as the introduction of its new column and with its undisguised desire to reform public discourse on Friday evening at the Hunyadiváros Community Hall, which - despite the snowy and freezing weather - was attended by a good number of interested people.

The aim of the program was twofold, on the one hand, the organizers wanted to draw attention to the contents of their latest column titled Peripheral Situations, Destinies, which bring local or regional people and groups living in minority, oppression, discrimination and deprivation closer to us in a more tangible, tangible and acceptable way. . In addition, the articles in the section shed light on extreme, untreated, peripheral problems, highlighting good methods, exemplary life paths, and possible local or foreign solutions.

The debate theater form chosen for the implementation of the event served the purpose of allowing the participants to discuss the social topics brought to the surface by, which affect many, within the framework of an interactive theater party game, thereby creating a healthy discussion culture based on arguments and mutual respect.

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