About us

Why We Work 

Áramlat Foundation was founded in February 2020 with the intention of helping citizen orientation and educated information provision in order to develop the quality of public discourse and to serve the public good. We  strive for the prevalence of information freedom by engaging citizens in public affairs. 

In order to achieve our objectives, we carry out a wide range of activities: 

  • We support local communities through engaging citizens living in the Kecskemét region through the development of public life that reflects constructive exchange of opinions thereby strengthening local patriotism. 
  • We stand for factual and investigative journalism serving transparency in public affairs, thereby safeguarding the public interest and providing access to information for all. 
  • We publish the products of factual and investigative journalism in print and electronically in the online and social media and organise public events for discussion as well. 
  • We contribute to the shaping and thematising democratic public dialogue by starting and moderating public discussions. 
  • We pro-actively cooperate with various Hungarian, cross-border and international print and online media and academic  partners to share our common experience. 
  • In order to achieve our goals, we conduct scientific research, public opinion polls, talent management programmes including thematic study visits and summer camps, community development initiatives, public informative campaigns and conferences. 
  • In order to reach our objectives, we issue public tenders providing internship and scholarship programmes thereby supporting active civic engagement. 

Rural Hungary has a rich and colourful public universe reflecting a diversity of opinions, cultural and social values and traditions beyond the reach of monolithic and centralised national media currently presented to local citizens. The rural correspondent network of well-established traditional newspapers was dissolved or centralized, turning the structure of rural public opinion one-dimensional. The purpose of the foundation is to promote media pluralism in Bács-Kiskun County and within the city of Kecskemét. 

We believe that free press, freedom of speech and thought reinforce the citizens’ self-confidence in themselves and create a new bond that connects the citizens of this region to the nation and to the wider world as well. We are confident that our work shall contribute to shaping local and national public discourse and to forging democratic and patriotic values.

Segítjük az állampolgári tájékozódást és tájékoztatást, a közéleti kultúrát és szolgáljuk a közjót, kiemelten az információszabadság érvényre juttatása és a közügyekben való állampolgári részvétel népszerűsítése révén.
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