Open Literary Competition: Be a part of our contemporary poetry anthology!

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2023. September 08.

Our goal is to publish an anthology that reflects our shared present and provides words to express our inner feelings in the spirit of our time.

Therefore, we offer an opportunity for publication in the first poetry selection of the Áramlat Foundation. We will select the writings of young authors and the paintings, graphics, and illustrations of emerging artists for the book. The book will be printed, and the authors and artists will receive complimentary copies. The completed publication will be presented during a literary event in December in Kecskemét.

There is no entry fee for the competition, and you can submit multiple works. You can apply without restrictions with poems in the Hungarian language or visual artworks.

These submissions will be judged under the guidance of an experienced literary editor who will lead our work with a comprehensive knowledge of the contemporary literary scene.

The submitted entries will be organized into thematic series within the book, and the title poem of the publication will be chosen from among these.

We are also welcoming graphic works and paintings for the cover of the book, alongside the titles of the thematic series.

Application deadline: September 29, 2023, 23:00.

Please send your entries to The subject of the email should be: Poetry Anthology Competition. Attach your writings as Word documents (doc, docx). Please include your name and the title of the work (poem, series, painting, graphic) in the filename. Previous publication of your works is not a hindrance, but please inform us about it in the email.

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